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  • who is tinesha matthews

    It's a question I ask myself on a daily basis. And after 42 years, I think I have an answer....I'm a woman with passion. Everyone knows there's nothing like a soul on fire and mine is ablaze. As a depression survivor in the pursuit of happiness, I've found happiness through love. Love is the key to everything and it heals all. My goal is to inspire you to love. To love yourself and to love others so you can be the best YOU that you can be. Welcome!

  • My Art

    "I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit."
    ~Erykah Badu

    OK, I'm really not sensitive about it at all. I'm artsy but don't consider myself an artist in the traditional sense. I paint "stuff". I love it. It relaxes me. I don't have a particular medium. I just do what feels good. I'm inspired by love.

    Artwork pics coming soon

  • spread love

    The Spread Love Seminar Series is a seminar series created by Tinesha Matthews. The seminars cover a variety of topics that were created in an effort to provide a judge free zone where people can come together, share and learn ways to change their lives through the use of compassion, understanding and self love.


    Love Jones

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  • The Vision Behind the Vision Board

  • I am available to speak at community, non - profit events and conferences as a presenter, panelist, or keynote speaker. Contact for pricing. Topics include but are not limited to...

    • Coping with Depression
    • Self Esteem
    • Goal Setting
    • Life after Divorce
    • Following your Dreams
    • Faith and Fear
    • Listening to the Voice of God

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  • spread love packages pricing



    • 1-1 hour Session*
      (New Clients Only)
    • In person, via Skype/Facetime or via phone
    • Basic life coping skills
    • Positive affirmations


    • 3-30 min Sessions*
    • In person, via Skype/Facetime or via phone
    • Weekly Text Inspiration
    • 1 Email


    • 3-45 min Sessions*
    • In person, via Skype/Facetime or via phone
    • Daily Text Inspiration
    • 1 Email Session**


    • 4-1 Hour Sessions*
    • In person, via Skype/Facetime or via phone
    • Daily Text Inspiration
    • Unlimited Email Support



    • Group Session
    • Motivational Information
    • Group support
    • Available for family and friends
    • Maximum 5 people/group
      (Price is per person)

    Love Checkup


    • A One Hour Follow-up Session
    • Track Goal Achievement
    • Discover new goals

    Cash and or credit card payments accepted. Rates are on a monthly basis unless otherwise noted.
    Discounts available for multiple months purchased
    *Per Month
    **Per Week

  • Testimonials


    Tinesha is inspiring  mainly because of her message of spread love. She doesn't take any adversity curled up in a corner. If it's in her power to change it she comes out swinging and she fights until the situation is favorable to her. Lastly she has an "I did it so can you do it" or "I want to do it, so lets do it together" encouraging attitude.

    ~Shana Curry

    For the better part of ten years I have been fortunate enough to call Tinesha a friend, sister and business partner. In all three roles she has never ceased to inspire me with her unconditional love and ability to give to myself and others. I think she has been a life coach for longer than she has known it and it is exciting to see her services being offered to the masses. Tinesha has an unmatched ability to listen, be a voice of reason and ask the tough questions, ultimately leading to amazing growth for everyone around her.

    ~Kelley Carboni-Woods

    I met Tinesha several years ago at her shop on Louise Ave. I have always admired her quiet spirit. I always thought that she was special and beautiful. Tinesha always has a kind and encouraging word for me and she doesn't even know it. I am so inspired by her journey, how transparent she is. I am a few years older than her, but I learn so much from her through her posts and she always will explain to me what I don't understand. Tinesha, I feel you are making a difference in other people lives just by you sharing your life and struggles. I thank God for placing you in my life, even though we don't talk often, I really feel that I can count on you when I need too. I love you my sister, keep it are helping many through your posts and blogs.

    ~Andrea Metz-Nicholson

    What can I say? Ms. Tinesha Matthews is like a social movement! Tinesha has inspired me to look within and really concentrate on things that make me whole. I have been unhappy with my job for a while. When she announced she was launching her website; I became inspired to pursue a career path I too longed to have. Funny how a Facebook post about meditation and allowing yourself to listen to the universe can change things. Another way Tinesha inspires me is through her blog, I am awestruck by her candidacy and transparency about her life's obstacles, trials and revelations. I use her as an example a lot with friends and patients, especially when it comes to weight, depression and lifestyle modification. Sometimes you have to put in work to get what you want. Life ain't easy.

    ~Natasha Jones